Black Bowmore -196 - Second Edition N/A

Black Bowmore - 196 - Second Edition

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Bottle number 1261 of 2000. In wooden presentation case. Good label. Level: very high shoulder.

"Talk about a legend! Mouth: strong, rich and bold attack, as expected. Even rather balanced at first, with lots of fructose and some medicinal notes, buts it gets quite heavy after a while – some would say a little 'clumsy'... Definitely not a prima ballerina. Lots of coffee, lots of smoke, lots of pepper, and lots of jam (black plum). It seems to get thicker and thicker, and the balance gets sort of lost, but maybe balance isn't precisely what one is looking for when tasting a Black Bowmore. Chewier and chewier... Lots of nuts (roasted hazelnuts) and always these heavy jammy notes. Yes, traffic jam on the tongue!"

-5 Stars - Whiskyfun.

700ml. Single Malt., 50% volume. The Second Edition. Bottled 1994.

Distilled and bottled by Morrison's Bowmore Distillery. 1 bottle.